In the ideal perfect world there will be rainbows and unicorns and teams that all sit together. In reality, most teams have to deal with distribution in one form or another. For some: it’s team members spread across a building, for others it’s team members in other parts of the world in different time zones.

Have you even been on a call where you can hear someone ordering coffee, or a dog barking? My favorite is being told someone is joining the call, after you’ve spent 5 minutes explaining something in detail. Mostly distributed meetings are boring, and not really worth the time and effort.

As agile coaches we truly value face to face communication and visible boards and sticky-notes, we also value working from anywhere, having pets in the office and not having to travel. So what is possible here? We decided to fully immerse ourselves into the distributed world and see what happened. We were amazed – we managed to build trust, explore and discover great collaborative tools and we improved communication.

We would like to share some of our discoveries and tips with you. Join us to explore how agile can work for distributed teams.

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