Have you ever felt unheard? Are you aware of a group of people who could benefit from support to help their voices be heard?

In this hands-on workshop, we will be using the power of many to craft ideas for how to lift unheard voices. Enter Mobbing.

For years, software developers have experienced the power of Mobbing to build incredible software solutions at breakneck speed. We will use the power of Mobbing in a non-software context to help to change the world.

During the session, we will set the context by exploring the history of Mobbing and discussing what destroys productivity and how Mobbing can help. With context set, we’ll jump into the best part–getting hands on! We’ll break into teams and use Mobbing to craft ideas and form proposals for how to lift unheard voices. Following the experiment, we’ll share what we learned about Mobbing and how we might apply it in our own circumstances. We’ll come out of the session with solid proposals for how we can lift those whose voices are unheard.

**Your voice is important.** Join our session to combine your voice with others to lift the unheard voices using the power of Mobbing.

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