Do your coders shy away from testing? Are your leaders or teams struggling to embrace the concept of “T-shaped” individuals? Would you like to demonstrate the impact of collaboration with evidence, and have fun along the way?

What many teams initially think collaboration is, really amounts to cooperation: that is, doing a little more *if* there’s time left in an iteration. This hands on workshop will demonstrate the outcomes possible when teams shift fully into collaboration. Through 3 sprints of a simulated product development, participants will get a tangible feel for the differences between coordination, cooperation and deeper cross functional collaboration. They’ll see where bottlenecks really exist when team members stick to their competency AND the impact when they focus instead on the shared goal or outcome. We’ll explore what’s holding back collaboration in our own work teams, and what changes teams can make to foster greater collaboration and higher performance.

This workshop is aimed at Change Agents, Coaches, Scrum Masters and Managers who want to engage their teams to realize the benefits of true collaboration. Additionally, Product Owners and Executives will find the data generated through the exercises beneficial and compelling when faced with stakeholders or teams skeptical of or resistant to collaborate fully and embrace cross functional team work.

Want to help your organization shift from “busy bees” and into a resilient “hive mind” of shared progress and achievement? Come see first hand the impact of collaboration towards a shared goal, and get a sense of how you can Harness your Hive towards higher performance, interactivity and fun.

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