What characteristics does the ideal agile team member possess? How would the needs of the future workforce be addressed if those needs aren’t understood and solved for? My experience of integrating new talent into functioning agile teams has lead me to one, surprising, realisation: Most of the approaches and practices that were used to build organisational teams aren’t working anymore. The tried and tested approaches to team formation and leadership are showing little progress into understanding the mindset of the future workforce. We need radical thinking and action in order to reinvent the way we enable people to communicate, collaborate, and ultimately win as a team. It is up to leaders to mould the culture of organisations to ensure that the future workforce is primed and focused to deliver their best work.

This session focuses on some of the challenges that present themselves when integrating the future workforce into an agile organisation or team. Ultimately, every organisation that is concerned with future proofing their existence must be focused on building teams of motivated individuals that can build the products and services of the future without the constraints we recognise today.

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