Starting an apprentice program from the ground up is a large undertaking. This talk will demonstrate the growing pains Pernix felt and how as a company we’ve improved our intake, delivery and subsequent apprenticeship program since we started back 2009. I will cover:

– Why Pernix started an apprenticeship program
– Lessons learnt from managing an apprenticeship program
– How a continuous improvement ethos and retrospectives helped
– Examples of the benefits gained as a result of the program.
– Issues of company culture and how that affects the success of an apprenticeship program.
– Tips and tricks what people might try if their current culture is at odds with the idea of apprenticeships.
– Apprenticeship ROI attracts young talent, maximizing their raw potential, evaluating company fit.

During the talk we will present the challenges that the company faced and the route we took to overcome those; in a clear hope that it will contribute others to find their own path.

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