Are you a leader in software development who cares whether women can fully contribute at work? Have you encountered tough situations at work further complicated by issues by gender diversity? If you answered “yes” to the first question, more than likely you also answered “yes” to the second. Difficult working relationships are endemic when gender expectations clash. We **can** do better. Effective leaders will model and guide their organizations along the way.

There is a spectrum of sexist behaviors that range from the mildly annoying to the criminal. Sharon Buckmaster and Diana Larsen have confronted gender discrimination issues for our whole careers. We have worked to end sexism at work and improve women’s leadership opportunities. In recent months, the conversation has developed renewed urgency. The revelations of inappropriate behaviors across the private and public sector fuel the media. Perhaps nowhere more so than in high visibility tech companies. In this session, we will explore practical solutions to this tough problem. Through lively conversations, participants will turn real life situations into learning opportunities. We’ll help leaders (and team members) establish working agreements for mutually beneficial professionalism. Participants will share effective organizational and individual practices that assist harassment victims. We will all learn to diminish the impact of harassing behavior on individual targets.

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