Where do we start? What is this team actually doing? Is it working for them? For the company? How “agile” are they? When coaches and scrum masters start working with a new-to-them team, we are often asked to do an evaluation or assessment. This initial period of getting to know a new organization or team is critical to building a strong foundation of support. Equipping teams to do their own self-assessment and be in control of how the information is used is a powerful way to engage.

Okay, preaching to the choir here, you don’t need convincing that self-assessment is important. But, how do you get more value out of the practice? Every agile coach blogger and their grandma is coming out with a new self-assessment tool that is better than all the others, but what type of self-assessment is going to be a good fit for the team or organization? And how can you use this golden opportunity to set the stage for reflection and adaption at every level of the organization?

This session is for agile coaches, scrum masters, and leaders who want to either start doing self-assessments as part of their practice or get more value out of the assessment practices already in motion. We’ll cover practices and strategies for quick vital sign-type assessments that are sensitive to early indicators of change (like happiness!), along with other self-assessments designed to uncover deeper, more impactful culture shifts. Participants will have the opportunity to co-create the agenda, spending time on the strategies and topics that they collectively decide will be most valuable.

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