“We don’t need to document that any more, we are doing agile.”

“Why are we creating this document? I don’t know, because we always have.”

“What we have here, is a serious failure to communicate — we need more documentation.”

As part of every agile adoption, we have the challenge of determining the minimally required documentation.This topic has been hashed, and re-hashed, and re-hashed in the agile community and at the end of the day, it is really up to your team. As someone who’s had this argument, I mean discussion, before with my team — we are going to exercise some great techniques to solve this problem that I’ve learned to be effective over the years.

This session is part workshop and part discussion — and definitely part problem solving. The discussion is a combination of many great ideas already out there, plus shared experiences that lead to shared insight to solve problems.

The key points of the discussion are:
* Contention of Agile and Documentation
* Tips for Documentation with Agile
* Agile Requirements

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