The role of Product Owner is very difficult, especially when they have to satisfy varying and potentially conflicting needs of a diverse group of stakeholders. Often stakeholders have different communication styles, interaction styles and varying levels of project support ranging from champion to saboteur. This task becomes even more difficult when the person filling the Product Owner role is in a position where they can arbitrarily make decisions about what features get developed next without the support of those stakeholders.

In this interactive session Kupe and Kent describe two techniques to aid the collaboration with a wide variety of stakeholders to reach a single direction for the delivery team that the stakeholders will support. These techniques include determining and using Decision Filters to focus in on the appropriate features to deliver; and an an improvisation technique “Yes, and…” that keeps conversations with smart, experienced, strong willed, and sometime opinionated stakeholders positive and effective.

Come to “Get the Liars in the Same Room” so that you can immediately try these techniques and see if they can help you develop support among your stakeholders.

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