Join this workshop to experience one of the most unusual DevOps transformations – with Lego and Chocolate simulation game. Visualize common process bottlenecks and observe a “wall of confusion” between development teams and IT operations. Use LEGO blocks and chocolate candies to experiment with process improvements. Transition to continuous delivery of value, amplify feedback loop and build up T-shaped skills in your team. Inspired by ideas from “The Phoenix Project” and “The Goal", this workshop helps participants at all levels to clearly experience the benefits of DevOps culture.

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Dana is an independent Agile Coach, trainer, international speaker with over 18 years of diverse experience in software development, IT operations as well as an enterprise transformation coaching. Author of “Introduction to DevOps with Chocolate, LEGO and Scrum Game", she designs and delivers experiential Agile and DevOps workshops to organisations around the world (Canada, US, Ireland, UK, India, Russia etc) Dana holds MS in Robotics and Mechatronics from Moscow State University of Technology "STANKIN". Enthusiastic collaborator, she builds communities, organizes conferences and enjoys connecting with agilists from around the world. Dana is the founder of Big Apple Scrum Day conference in NYC, co-organizer of NYC Scrum User Group and a Program co-chair at Agile2019 conference.