Not too many years from now, fully autonomous business stakeholder systems will automatically create thousands or millions of arbitrarily different micro-startups, tracking their struggle for success, mercilessly eliminating the less fit for survival ventures, powering up and growing the winners. The financial sectors are fully automated because human beings no longer could deal with the complexity.

Developers will pair-program with their computers, discussing concepts and meat-space constraints with constantly learning coder-code systems. The word “application” will no longer mean “program” or “software”, but a general approach to use combined calculating power of people and machines. People do not need “How-tos”, but machines do.

What else might happen in the next 5-50 years? Let’s explore the ideas and concepts on a futurespective timeline. After building the timeline, it becomes really interesting. What will we do to foster or block these developments or events? Where do we see our role? How might we feel about this?

By using retrospective techniques on a future prognosis, we will not only explore a different use of these techniques, but also gather some insights about our influence on things to come, maybe the source of creativity.

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