What if you went back in time and made changes to the way your organization adopted Agile? What were the key events that paved the way for success or failure? In this session, you will hear insights from of people who have scaled Agile around the world while learning the power of running a Future Backwards retrospective (Cynefin).

After the audience is lead through the exercise, the presenters will share their own journey of scaling Agile in a large, distributed organization. By the end of the session, attendees will uncover key turning points from their own experiences and safely share them with the entire group.

We recommend attending with a colleague! However, if you haven’t ever scaled Agile in an organization and are attending to learn, no worries. You can help facilitate others at your table and learn more about their journey, all while gaining experience with a new retrospective technique – one that scales and is great for distributed-team.

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