I just loved the days when I sat behind my computer screen and only had to “talk” to my keyboard, but with the wider adoption of Agile this is no longer an option. Stand-Up, Planning, Refinement, Review and Retrospective meetings all require an active participation in the conversation.

So how do you improve your communication skills? One of the ways people improve is by receiving feedback and of-course acting on it.

I’d like to introduce the audience to a board game called Rhetoric, which will help you:
− improve your communication skills
− improve your feedback skills

### Effective feedback
When done in the right way and with the right intentions, feedback is the avenue to greatness. People have to know what they are doing well and what could be improved. For them to really hear your thoughts and suggestions on ways to improve, that feedback has to be delivered carefully and frequently.
Giving feedback effectively is a skill. And like all skills, it takes practice to build your confidence and improve. A game space like Rhetoric enables you to practice plenty, it reduces fear by suspending reality and creating an emotionally safe place for exploration.

### Rhetoric the game
Is a simple, engaging and educational board game for four to eight people that will help you improve your communication skills. Rhetoric can help you, or your team, deliver a message in a safe, fun & effective way. It is originally designed to help you improve your public speaking skills, but the techniques learned through playing the game also help when having to get your message across in a work environment. Using the Rhetoric techniques will increase the impact of your message.

We have adapted the original game to focus on giving each other feedback.

Want to learn more about how the original game is being played all over the world? Have a look at their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/rhetoricgame.

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