Traditional approaches to project and portfolio management inhibit the flow of value and innovation in the enterprise. They were not designed for a global economy and the impact of digital disruption. This new reality puts pressure on enterprises to work with a higher degree of uncertainty yet deliver innovative solutions much faster and with higher quality. Despite this new reality, many legacy project and portfolio practices remain.

One of the main problems with projects is that they were designed to be temporary endeavors with temporary people to achieve a project’s requirements. As a result, the primary focus of projects is on completing tasks on time and on budget rather than achieving and measuring ongoing business outcomes.

Clearly, a different approach is needed. The system must change from planning the delivery of projects to collaborating on the development of products. The portfolio goes from managing projects to a managing a set of value streams that deliver products or solutions that help the enterprise meet its business strategy, either by providing value directly to the customer or in support of internal business processes. This workshop will provide useful concepts and practical guidance on how to implement this new and proven approach that delivers extraordinary business outcomes on a predictable cadence. It will also help create an environment where people can thrive and are truly empowered.

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