Although a good Agile Charter has three components – Purpose, Alignment, and Context – we often fail at building an awareness of context in our teams. Perhaps it's because we've taken the time to teach Product Owners a little bit about purpose, and Scrum Masters a little bit about alignment, and then we threw out all the Project Managers who understand context. (Ok, we're kidding about that. Don't throw out your Project Managers!)

Your team needs to understand their context so that they recognize that they are one part of a complex adaptive system. Contextual awareness helps the team to make better product decisions as they will understand how their work fits into the greater whole.

In this hands-on workshop we'll give you three concrete tools you can take home and use with your team to facilitate awareness of their context. You will use these tools to:

* understand team boundaries and interactions with stakeholders and product partners
* identify dependencies
* identify opportunities, risks, and benefits through prospective analysis

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Steve Holyer is an experienced trainer, coach, facilitator and consultant helping organisations unleash value and deliver results. He is also a frequent international speaker on product ownership, Scrum and The Agile Fluency Model. He serves as advocate and mentor for companies, leaders and change agents looking for a better way of working using Agile practices in a productive, fulfilling, and fun way. Steve learned his craft serving as a Scrum Master with multiple teams and organisations, so he knows how to change an organisation from the inside. Since 2000, he has been based in Zurich, Switzerland.