When an organization decides that it values design methodologies and practices, it is not always clear how it will truly embrace the discipline – especially in a world of Agile. No one maliciously or purposely leaves designers out of the process, it just takes a little more consideration and hard work as a team to integrate with them in a way that their capabilities are maximized in tandem with their teammates’. Early hurdles often lie in the perception of what it really means to do design work. Deepening the understanding of how design can support research, strategy, ideation, testing and a plethora of other phases is crucial.

This talk explores my journey over the last year as a designer on a brand new design team within an Agile organization. I will review early efforts to integrate with my various teams – what was successful, what failed and what I learned. I will touch on spreading design education to help my partners better understand my role, while working with them to better understand theirs and the Agile process. I will explain how our teams have begun to integrate research up front and throughout our process to develop products and services that we feel more confident will truly meet our customers’ needs.

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