What happens when you go from agile coach, trainer and practitioner to CEO; will you follow the advice you have given management for years, or will your new role, and increased authority, give you a different perspective? Come to this interactive workshop and see an agile transformation through the eyes of a CEO, guessing what decisions he makes and learning from the real results of those decisions.

Anthony Montgomery was a successful agile coach and trainer. But now he is the CEO of a plan-driven, organization that had been run for the last 25 years by a traditional manager. Anthony could use his positional authority, and tell people what to do, but he is trying a softer approach to grow a collaborative, trusting, leader-leader culture from the bottom up.

We will walk through highlights of the organization’s journey to agile through the lens of a CEO. Our session will be an interactive workshop, not a lecture! You will learn what Anthony saw and thought, you will guess what decision he made, find out the path taken, learn the consequences and gain practical insights that you can use with your own transformation.

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