Assume you have no authority, no control over anyone or anything, and you need to inspire members to perform as never before. Who are you? “Oh, you must be the drummer, set your kit up next to the piano dude.”

When searching for helpful techniques to improve our leadership skills, sometimes the best place to look is to a completely unrelated field. Did you know the techniques used by a big band drummer parallel those of a successful team leader?

On the surface the big band drummer is just another “side-man” without any authority or control. Once the music starts the drummer can invoke confidence and inspire individual members and the entire band to play like never before.

This session will include live demonstrations of the techniques drummers use to support the band in their goal to sound great. An actual big band chart will be played then broken down one section at a time. As the drumming techniques are revealed, so are opportunities to realize new perspectives on team leadership, that’s where you come in.

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