Being an agile coach, a Kanban coach or a ScrumMaster, how clear are you on the following questions:

* What are your main current coaching goals for your team(s) you’re working with?
* What are the main improvement areas you’re focusing on?
* What are you planning to achieve in next few months? In a year? In five years?
* How will you know you’re on the right way?
* What kind of skills and support you and your teams will likely need?
* How will you be celebrating your wins?
* Once your current dreams are realized, what will be made possible to work on then?

These are important questions to pause on and think of. How sure are you about the answers? How interested are you in allowing yourself to think more about them?

This workshop invites you to enter the world of discovery and search for your *big* coaching vision. We’ll use the [Focused Agile Coaching](http://www.focusedagilecoaching.com/) as a framework to guide our thinking.

Focused Agile Coaching is a set of thinking tools and coaching techniques that are to help define coaching visions. It is similar to design thinking and product visioning applied to the field of agile coaching. It is a method to help agile coaches and ScrumMasters elaborate their coaching strategies and lay out necessary coaching tactics.

In the heart of it is the Agile Coaching Canvas. This particular tool helps you think through, co-create and capture your coaching vision as an artefact. It then can be used to articulate your coaching vision and strategy.

During this workshop you’ll be co-creating a coaching vision with a help of mentors. Also you’ll be helping others in defining their visions. This would allow you to see the toolset from different angles and then use it in on your own and with coachees.

And if the answers to the seven above questions were not obvious to you – by the end of this workshop you have a clearer understanding on what to focus in your coaching work and will also have created an artefact capturing your big coaching vision that you can share with your coachees and live by.

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