In this step by step tutorial, presented by IT lawyer Susan Atkinson and Agile and Lean practitioner Gabrielle Benefield, we will look at the parts of existing contracts that are no longer helpful and how they fail to enable today’s flexible software development practices.

One of the greatest problems in software, is effectively understanding what the customer needs, and translating this into a form that the team can deliver. This tutorial gives practical guidance to help the customers speak effectively to the development teams, with a contract that helps increase this bridge to communication, instead of creating another barrier.

We will show you how to create great contracts from the ground up that will effectively support your work and create happier customers and happier suppliers.

### Topics include:


* Why traditional contracts increase risk, waste and cost
* The benefits of flexible contracting and how this works.

**How to create a flexible contract**

* How to create the Master Services Agreement (MSA)
* Statements of Target Outcomes beneath the MSA
* Different charging models, pros, cons and recommendations

**Planning and managing the process**

* How to build an incremental contract release plan
* Effective contract metrics
* Choosing which contract metrics to use for different customers
* How to build the contract model based on the metrics chosen
* How to track and measure progress during development

*Templates and examples will be made available during the session*

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