Lean Startup techniques enable organizations to achieve business success by conducting safe controlled experiments to enable learning. Join us for a new workshop to explore merging the lean startup mindset with gamification to create safe learning environments for agile teams – you’ll experience how the use of games enables improved understanding and engagement compared to non-experiential training and learning techniques.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of gamified learning, participants will play an agile learning game entitled “Fire Dice” – this game allows teams to experiment with the Theory of Constraints so they can learn how to establish proper Work-In-Progress limits and prioritize effort to optimize the flow of work. During the game (which is played with cards and dice), participants will gain insights into making team decisions based upon live data and trade-offs, conduct experiments, and then analyze experiment outcomes. Participants will experience how game play creates a fast mechanism where teams can fail without penalty and/or risk – games enable teams to quickly learn from their mistakes providing a foundation for continuous improvement.

Following game play, participants will engage in a debrief to emphasize learning outcomes from the game and to highlight the importance of effective debriefing techniques to promote learning. Participants will leave the workshop having experienced an agile learning game designed around a specific learning goal (how to establish team Work-In-Progress limits), and a post-game debrief that establishes linkages between game activities and real scenarios. Most importantly, since game play is involved, participants will also experience how to have “FUN” while learning.

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