I imagine, like me, you have goals and aspirations. Things you’d like to change or improve about yourself, your home, your job, your team, your career, your relationships, etc. If you are anything like me your list goes on and on. I want to be stronger, thinner, more patient, less judgemental, listen more, drink less. Let’s face it, intentions are not the problem. The challenge is finding the energy to do these things. Often as agile coaches and change agents, so much of our jobs is helping people to improve, that we sometimes hold ourselves to higher standards regarding our own self improvement. Yet if we expend all our energy helping clients improve, how do we find the energy to improve ourselves?

In this workshop I want to explore things that give you energy and things that take your energy away. I will share my own personal learnings about how I have managed to create enough energy to tackle some of my goals, and I will share some of the things that have happened that have obilerated my energy and made it very difficult for me to do anything, and how I dealt with that.

In groups I will then invite you to explore this for yourselves. My hope is that you’ll be able to identify some patterns that can create energy as well as find out things to try to avoid that drain your energy. By focusing on understanding your own energy levels first, what you can influence and what you can’t , I hope you’ll find some practical tips to balancing your own needs with those of your work. I’m not an expert in this and I am still learning to do this for myself. My hope is that we can inspire each other.

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