Over the course of  two and one-half years, Fannie Mae worked aggressively to transform itself from a heavily silo’d and firmly entrenched command and control culture. The organization went from following a gated workflow with long release cycles to an Agile organization.

Today, Fannie Mae is a more dynamic value oriented organization that is:

  • responsive to stakeholders
  • focused on achieving greater efficiency by enabling fast-feedback loops
  • using empirical data to optimize mature and persistent agile values and practices.

Within the larger context of the transformation to enterprise agility, this Experience Report focuses on:

  • why Fannie Mae chose to change,
  • the organization’s journey and the corresponding challenges
  • benefits Fannie Mae realized
  • key lessons the team learned

The team’s main conclusion: while it is important to build bridges with business stakeholders, have mature agile teams, and leverage automation and embrace the values and principles of the agile manifesto; a successful and longstanding transformation is dependent upon the unrelenting focus on changing the ecosystem supporting the organization’s change at the outset.

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About the Speaker(s)

Dave leads the effort to transition Fannie Mae to a lean Agile organization. The transition encompasses introducing the lean start-up product development mindset, establishing implementation approaches that scale and model agile principles and behaviors, measure the quality and scope of enterprise agile adoption, as well as work across the organization to align corporation functions (e.g., HR, Facilities, various governance bodies, etc) to support an agile lean organization.

Phillip Manketo is the Mid-Atlantic Delivery Lead and a Senior Agile Consultant for Eliassen Group's Agile Practice. He is a multi-disciplined Agile practitioner with a proven track record of leveraging Agile practices to consistently deliver exceptional results at scale on behalf of Fortune 500 clients, Start-ups and Federal Government entities. Mr. Manketo’s industry expertise includes leveraging the Agile "toolkit" in Financial Services, Internet, New Media, Cable & Wireless, and Telecommunications industries as well as Federal entities. Mr. Manketo is actively engaged in building the Agile Community. A regular speaker at area Meet-ups and regional Agile Groups, he has also served as an AgileDC Organizing Board Member for the last six years. Mr. Manketo is credentialed as a SAFe Program Consultant (SPC), IC Agile Certified Practioner (ICP), and Certified Scrum Master (CSM). Mr. Manketo holds an MBA from the University of Miami.