“Failing fast,” “failing forward” and “Learning from failure” are all the rage in the tech industry right now. The DevOps company “unicorns” seem to talk endlessly about how they reframe “failure” into success. And yet, many of us are still required to design and implement backup system capabilities, redundancies, and controls into our software and operations processes. And when those fail, we cringe at the conversation with management that will ensue.

So is all this chatter of reframing “failure” as success within our organizations just that: talk? And what does “reframing failure” look like, anyway? And what does any of this have to do with aircraft carriers and nuclear power plants?! Join us as we explore shifting our mindset of failure, the history that mindset is rooted in, and effective methods to move your organization toward thinking of failure differently, plus some landmines to avoid along the way.

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