Facilitation skills are essential for anyone. In fact, everyone facilitates whether they know it or not! Do you work on a team, manage an organization, or otherwise work with others? The opportunity to facilitate will come up, whether formal or informal.

Doc List leads you to explore the common patterns & antipatterns that come up in facilitation, for the facilitator and the participants. We’ll have some fun by taking on roles, and exploring the behaviors that work and that don’t work. We’ll talk about some cultural biases and differences, and how they affect communication, collaboration, and facilitation.

We’ll spend some time on specific activities and techniques that can be used for effective facilitation, and clearly identify the circumstances in which they are applicable. Doc defines three categories of activities (although specific techniques may fall into multiples): Prevention, Intervention, and Curative.

Each participant will receive one deck of the “playing” cards that are used in the simulation role play. The role play is fun, challenging, full of laughter, and a powerful learning experience. Past participants have kept and used the cards with their teams and organizations with great success.

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