If we are to achieve great results through agile, we have to find a way to allow team members to be more fully human which means including the more intense side of team life. Yet, most coaches and mentors find themselves a bit flat-footed or feel overwhelmed when conversations get heated, and especially when they get personal. Very few of us have the skills and experience to navigate intense conversations so when a hot moment arises, we often sidestep it, take it “offline”, or jump in to mediate it. We didn’t learn this stuff in school! But it’s time to learn it now.

In this session, Lyssa Adkins will demonstrate the key skills for facilitating intense conversations in real-time as a group of passionate session participants conduct a conversation on a controversial agile community topic. Stop-action moments will let us “unpack” what just happened in the conversation and what Lyssa did in the facilitation so participants can see what they might do in similar situations to extract the value while working with the heat. We will all learn from this intense, real and immediate experience.

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