Pyramids? Quadrants? Cupcakes?! There are a wide array of models that describe approaches to test automation strategy in terms of best practice or anti-pattern. While these models are useful for visually communicating how your team currently manages (*or should manage*) software quality, no single model represents a complete strategy in and of itself.

In this talk, we’ll begin by framing the universe of Agile testing models: models that range from technical to product to cultural mindsets. I’ll add detail and nuance to each of these models in the form of professional experience, challenges with introduction, and case study. We’ll look at the strengths of weaknesses of each model in terms of the constraints it adopts (and ignores). We’ll also learn about the social costs of incorporating or abandoning each approach.

With a new lens, focused on testing strategy as an act of curation, I’ll share an approach to mapping, evolving, and iterating a testing strategy appropriate for your product development team’s specific context.

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