A Scrum Master, an Entrepreneur and a Lawyer walked into a bar …

...and said 'Agile Contracting is no joke, we need to use legal contracts and business models to deal with the business world and NOT undermine the spirit of Agile and the future we are trying to create.'

Then we formed a working group to look at real world contracting issues. We wanted to treat real-world examples of agile contracting like experiments and try to validate the effectiveness of contracts across several key dimensions including: collaboration, risk, and pre-contracting activity.

Contract negotiation is your first chance to delight the customer. Successful contracting delights the customer by actually introducing them to and involving them in the agile process. The successful (or delightful?) contract must support that.

Issues with contracts and Agile teams are tightly bound up with their context - with the people, the risks, the trust levels existing between the entities. Rather than try to understand contracting from the top down or from the general to the specific, we are starting with a "live ones" - real life situations happening now.

This session takes you along as we discuss what happened with our first encounter with a "live one", what we discovered and what resulted from our advice and experiments with the contract.

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About the Speaker(s)

Steve Holyer is an experienced trainer, coach, facilitator and consultant helping organisations unleash value and deliver results. He is also a frequent international speaker on product ownership, Scrum and The Agile Fluency Model. He serves as advocate and mentor for companies, leaders and change agents looking for a better way of working using Agile practices in a productive, fulfilling, and fun way. Steve learned his craft serving as a Scrum Master with multiple teams and organisations, so he knows how to change an organisation from the inside. Since 2000, he has been based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Nancy was among the first to apply Agile methods to embedded systems development, as an engineer, manager, and consultant. She has led Agile change initiatives beyond software development in safety-critical, highly regulated industries, and teaches modern Agile approaches like Mob Programming, Agile Hardware, and Lean development methods. Nancy has worked coaching Agile teams in the USA, UK, and Germany. Her coaching extended to their work with their teams in Japan, India, China and other countries. Nancy provides specialized consulting to medical device companies in partnership with Brian Shoemaker of Shoebar Associates. Together they cover all the latest regulatory developments in the US and EU, plus the Agile practices for documentation and incremental risk assessment that is essential for their industry. Nancy's experience spans embedded software and hardware development for applications in aerospace, factory automation, medical devices, defense systems, and financial services. Her coaching practice spans delivery teams to middle and upper managers. She is a regular presenter at Agile-related conferences since worldwide. She is a founder and past president of Greater Boston’s premier Agile user group, Agile New England.