Evolutionary Delivery (Evo) is an Agile approach allowing teams to deliver more business value in less time, as has been shown in numerous environments like projects for space (40 man-year saved), building automation, and banking, in waterfall projects, scientific research, as well as Agile/Scrum teams.

Originally, Evo was focused on how to define the ‘real’ requirements for what we’re supposed to do, how to prioritize the order of value delivery, and actively learn from feedback. In order to operationalize this further, Niels added Evo Planning, which is aimed to even further improve both successful as well as timely delivery, continuously increasing the effectiveness, the efficiency, and the predictability of what we do. Evo is actually the mother of all Agile, but most Agile approaches didn’t take the full breath and hence lack some of the benefits.

We’ll discuss some typical human behaviour that influences the way we work, and then introduce the basic Evo techniques: Real Requirements to unambiguously define the goals, TaskCycles to increase efficiency, DeliveryCycles to increase effectiveness, and TimeLine for oversight and predictability. TimeLine exposes the real status of the work, and when we discover early that we will be late, we effectively deal with it.

You can immediately start using these techniques, with immediate results, as has been proven in numerous cases. It works well for individuals as well as teams. Architects, designers, and Product Owners can very efficiently make sure the team does the right things before they’re going to spend the time, rather than afterwards seeing it wasn’t exactly what they meant. This prevents a lot of waste, and hence saves a lot of time. Managers can very efficiently see what the team is doing and that they can trust the team.

In this workshop we will do some exercises. You’ll run a project to deliver Quality on Time, and find out your baseline of estimation, defect delivery, design wit, and requirements recognition. If you bring a list of the most important things you have to work on in the next couple of weeks, you’ll even be able to experience yourself why Evo Planning makes you delivering better results in shorter time.

If you come as a team, you can experience how Evo Planning can make you work more effectively and efficiently as a team.

If you think you are already very effective and efficient, please come and see for yourself what others experienced when they thought the same.

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