How do you determine the Minimum Viable Product for your users?
We will show you how choosing a Primary user (or Persona) and a brainstorming technique called Mind mapping are essential tools for identifying what key functionalities you should be delivering sooner (rather than later) to your users.

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.” – Steve Jobs

This workshop will give the tools for any team, using any methodology, and at any maturity level, to discuss Minimum Viable Product. This workshop will help teams (including the Product Owner) establish:
1) How to identify a Primary User, a.k.a, Persona using a Persona Map (see image in attachment)
a. A Persona map includes 1 primary user, 2 secondary users and 3 tertiary users based on whom the team believes will be the targeted users (designing for everyone is designing for no one)
2) Potential Roadmap created using a Mind map or Visual Notes (see images in attachment)
3) Establish a Minimum Value Product – Prioritize the work
4) Be aligned with your Product Owner/Business on what Success looks like using visual tools (the persona map and mind map)

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