#MeToo, #equalpayday, #HeForShe, Lean In, Project Include, and the Pao Effect are being discussed online and offline around the world – is this a moment or is it a movement?

Maintaining an inclusive culture isn’t just for HR – it’s our responsibility as leaders to ensure our teams feel safe, valued, and heard. How does a leader foster an environment that allows for equity and fairness for all kinds of diversity? How does a leader recruit and retain a diverse team? Are there other groups or organizations that aren’t necessarily using agile methodologies that can provide insight into how to manage this? Yes!

Come learn how to identify, create, and maintain an inclusive culture as a leader using lessons learned from both my career as a software developer and manager and as a roller derby skater. Learn what you gain from and for your team by having strong statements of inclusivity and standardized requirements for everyone at the same level or band. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of the many types of diversity, your unconscious biases, and a list of leadership tools and tips you can put in place immediately – all backed by science and research.

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