To understand what our users need to build and test the right thing, we want to have a first-hand experience of ‘real-life stories’ before we can model, test and create our software. To quote Alberto Brandolini ‘it is not the domain expert’s knowledge that goes into production, it is the developer’s assumption of that knowledge that goes into production’. EventStorming is a technique that uses visualisation to minimises assumptions by doing continuous discovery between multiple disciplines.

While EventStorming was originally created for domain modelling, it goes beyond that scope. As long as there is a story to tell, with a timeline, EventStorming is our preferred tool to start our discovery with. Because of the adaptive nature of EventStorming, you can easily combine it with other tools like User Story Mapping, Impact Mapping and Example Mapping.

In this session, we will experience hands-on the basics of EventStorming. Incrementally showing you when and how you can use it, and how it can help you to upgrade your teams’ discovery through refinements. Eventually, we can create specifications by example that can drive to deliver our tests and code. You will learn how EventStorming can help teams to improve collaboration, decrease assumptions and biases and creating better quality software by building the right thing.

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