How can you inspire people to think outside of the box when we resort to death by PowerPoint? To get people to think and learn differently you need to teach them differently. To foster a culture of innovation and learning we need to show people that we are innovating in our teaching as well. This requires finding new, fun, and engaging ways to teach. But this isn’t magic. There are patterns and formulas that can be taught and applied quickly.

In this session we will quickly walk through brain based learning techniques highlighting engagement methods common in music, movies, and TV. We will breakdown aspects of Training from the Back of the Room, hooks and even the formulas behind writing a good joke. We will also demo a quick game we created using these methods titled “Epic Rap Battle of Agility” to show how we use these concepts to teach agile principles and concepts. Finally, you will work as a team with other attendees to create an engaging short video to post on social media and/or bring back to your organization. 

In the end you will leave with the tools you need to bring the fun back to learning in your organizations. When you return to work and start using these skills you will demonstrate the fun, courage, and openness that your organization needs to truly become a learning organization. You will pass this on to your students, and by applying it to their work they will aid you in creating a true learning organization.

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