Agile offers tons of approaches, methods, framework and techniques to set up Agile organization. We have a lot of questions on how to embed Agile principles and value in an enterprise world. How not to follow “best practices” blindly during the transformation. There is no place for dogma and one-size-fits-all thinking. Each company is unique due to it’s culture, people, behaviors and values that were established through the years. By respecting organization heritage and slowly improving existing culture yet we need to stop bad habits and wasteful activities and this requires time, effort and support. We need to find people that will become our allies in an everlasting journey towards agility…

The delivery approach will be in form of story telling based on actual case studies that I had during Agile transformations (supported by visual slides). The goal of the session it to share knowledge of anti-patterns, problems (and potential solutions) that are common during or before the transformation.

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