You probably have heard it all about the many Agile successes there are or perhaps those that have nearly failed and are back on track. The Agile journey is one that requires leadership in a wide range of circumstances, especially in new, changing, and ambiguous situations. Agile transformations at large enterprises are challenging to say the least! Many start as a grassroots movement for all of the “right” Agile reasons: to accelerate time-to-market, provide early visibility, incorporate changing requirements with lower cost of change, and more.

Things get complicated when some groups seize the opportunity while others revolt. Enterprise Agile Transformation is very difficult. At American Express, we are continuously evolving, gaining insights, and learning to close the gap between our Agile framework and people’s behavioral changes. Learn about our challenges and frustrations as we guide our organization toward behaviors that don't stand in the way of seizing upon opportunities outside of the box.

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Faye Hall is the Director of Agile Transformation at American Express. During her 17-year tenure there, she has worked as an Agile transformation coach to help the organization leverage Agile practices through enablement, education, and impediment removal. She is a versatile and innovative goal-driven executive with a unique blend of financial, business, and technical acumen. Faye established the Enterprise Agile Enablement Program which facilitated the company’s metamorphosis from a waterfall technical organization into one that has implemented Agile at all levels. Her transformation of hundreds of AMEX teams to Agile via training and coaching offerings — including those in Portfolio/Product Management, Software Development, and Delivery — has revolutionized business models and positively impacted enterprise bottom line. To supplement and bolster continuous improvement, she created the company’s Agile playbook and a system of formal and informal internal forums that support ongoing learning. Recognized as a strong change leader and team player with the unique ability to build cross-functional relationships, Faye is frequently the “go-to” person for tough business challenges. Her extensive experience in the information technology industry spans many aspects of software development, from PMO Director to Agile Coach.