In 75 minutes you will learn enough about the HTTP protocol, to effectively set you on the right path to create rich API’s and leverage it for what it really is, which is an application protocol.

It’s all about REST in today’s world. Every service you look at, people are providing a REST API for it. Surprisingly, very few of these API’s are even REST, if we’re talking about REST as in a system that abides by a series of constraints making it RESTful. But the positive note is that it has brought to light the power of HTTP as an application protocol, something very often undervalued and misunderstood, even today.

This talk is going to focus on the core values of HTTP for what it is. It will cover all aspects including

* Headers
* Error Management
* Verbs
* Content Negotiation
* Caching
* Security
* Messages
* Request and Responses

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