How do you write the right number of tests, the right types of tests, at the right level, that are run at the right time and give the best feedback?

“Follow the test pyramid” is the pat answer, but in reality it is much trickier than this would imply. This is a hands-on workshop that aims to improve your testing skills by using a simple fake example and keeping things high level.

Workshop participants will be split into groups, ideally containing a mix of roles and skills in each group. We will perform a series of exercises to examine unit tests, integration tests, acceptance tests and smoke tests – as well as dig into the definitions of these terms and how widely their interpretations can vary between different companies and projects.

The exercises will look at when and why new tests should be created, and old tests deleted. Participants will see some code (which will be explained to those who are not developers), but they will not be expected to write any code.

This will be a great opportunity to really examine your approach to testing and understand WHY. The atmosphere will be informal and the emphasis will be on true practical outcomes.

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