TomTom is a billion-dollar company that invented the personal navigation market segment over ten years ago. In response to increasing engineering costs and decreasing throughput and quality, our CEO recently challenged us to reinvent ourselves as a “World Class Software Organisation” within the next 5 years.

Agile champions, change-agents, and senior leadership that attend this session will learn how we have taken the first steps to fundamentally re-engineering how we bring innovation to market using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). In terms of the “Good”, the first commercial product developed and delivered using SAFe enjoyed more than a 50% reduction in time-to-market as well as a 25% increase in quality . Examples of the “Bad” include a decrease in employee satisfaction scores and product net promoter scores. Finally examples of the “Ugly” include resistance to change, impact on job descriptions and titles, impact on the concept of “line management”, and in a few cases employee turnover triggered by the adoption of SAFe. By attending this presentation you will learn from our experiences and discover the strategies we have put in place to eliminate and transform the negatives of adopting SAFe.

Don’t despair. The good more than outweighs the bad and the ugly combined.

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