In 2009, Don Reinertsen suggested that prioritizing product development based on profitability projections (e.g. ROI) alone is a mistake, yet so many organizations continue to do that now. Perhaps that is because driving stakeholders to agree on the prioritization of development work is difficult under the best of circumstances; add in the support of competing verticals, acquisitions, and a rapidly changing marketplace and alignment can feel almost impossible.

That is the situation that we faced at Rosetta Stone. Thankfully, there is a framework designed to help teams weigh a variety of objective inputs to make effective decisions about the relative priority of work: Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF).

In this workshop, we will role-play the use of WSJF to gain consensus on the priority of potential development work. After a quick overview, participants will practice collecting inputs from stakeholders and using the weighted shortest job first formulas. Finally, we will present a case study for how we implemented this methodology at Rosetta Stone, with tips for overcoming potential obstacles. This session is great for product owners, managers, scrum masters, dev leads, and anyone trying to balance a complex set of priorities in a resource constrained environment.

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