The journey of leading large scale Agile transformation is extremely tough. There are hundreds of ways that might lead to a dead end, but one particular path works. This topic will present a proven successful example of how to meet various challenges and overcome obstacles and difficulties during different phases in the Agile transformation for one 500+ people organization in ZTE Corporation.

This real-experience story will start from how to design and layout the Agile transformation strategies and tactics. Then, unfolding the transformation phases including Alignment, Pilot, Reorganization and Roll out, it will present audience a multi-angle perspective of Agile transformation in aspects of obstacles and difficulties, coaching skills, techniques, mindsets, and pitfalls from both enterprise dimension and teams dimension.

At last, fusing with Ancient Chinese wisdom, this topic will sublime the insights and introspects to the philosophy about Alignment, Momentum, Measurements, Rituals, and Enterprise Agile Coach’s True north.

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