As a sales system, I need a database, so that I can store the data.
This is an example of a real story from the backlog of a team I know. Don’t you think we have forced the User Story template too far? Product Owners and Managers have moved from writing big business requirement documents (BRD) to writing each of those sentences in the user story format without connecting with the real customer. Unfortunately, some trainers and coaches reinforce this behavior even more and we see teams that have been “doing agile for 4 years” and write stories without a real user and a real need.
Product people, You’re liberated!
You don’t *have to* write those user stories! You don’t have to continue to fit everything you want to share with your team into this format. Agile teaches us to continuously improve and to put our interactions over tools. Agile has moved to markets and businesses that never thought would benefit from agility. The way we bring, present and work on customer’s needs can’t always fit in the classic format.
Product Managers/Owners, Business Analysts, UX or any agile team member can benefit from what we will discuss. On this workshop, we will look into alternative ways to connect with our teams, bring the real problems we need to solve and communicate in ways that are meaningful. User Story is not the only format for us to have meaningful conversation!

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