It takes two! No matter how experienced we are, we still can’t learn or do everything on our own. Whether you’re a coach, Scrum Master, product owner or other member in an Agile workplace, you should consider using pair-coaching to raise your skill level, create positive change on your teams and improve relationships throughout the organization.

In this workshop we will:
* define a scope of pair-coaching in an Agile workplace (hint: we can *all* be pair-coaches)
* examine several pair-coaching patterns and discuss which contexts each would be most effective in
* use dominoes to simulate pair-coaching scenarios, illustrating how pairing can be effective at all levels of experience
* learn how Albert Bandura’s Self-Efficacy theory relates to the roles in pair-coaching
* share take-aways with each other and discuss possible next steps

By pair-coaching, anyone can increase their agile competencies and create positive change on their teams and throughout the organization.

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