A big part of Agile is about delivering small product increments, but if you are like most organizations, you might struggle with breaking down your grandiose ideas into independent pieces of value. Some user stories have too many dependencies to be valuable on their own. Business stakeholders have a hard time seeing the larger picture with smaller increments. Multiple stories have to be delivered in order for any real functionality to be released. You wind up with over bloated stories or small stories with very little independent value.

In this session, we will explore a creative way to slice stories using a more detailed take on story mapping I like to call Visual Story Slicing. We will use personas and a very specific goal to identify the simplest steps required to connect the two. By using an “out of scope” line and identifying functionality that are candidates for stubs, we will ruthlessly prioritize parts of a user story and focus on delivering the thinnest slice with the most value. This technique has allowed us to trim user stories everyone already thought were as small as possible and start to get our teams laser focused on solving specific, independent user issues first. Join the session to find out how to get your stories nice and slim just in time for swimsuit season!

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