Have you ever been testing a large project and been stuck while trying to isolate a specific behavior and thought there must be a better way? While on a recent project David Hoppe thought the same thing. He noticed that the primary way that the system was being tested was as an integrated whole. There was little opportunity to test individual components in isolation. With a little effort the system could be broken apart (disintegrated) allowing quicker testing with easier isolation of issues that can be extremely difficult to track down in an integrated system. During this session we will begin with a brief introduction to how this idea came about with concrete examples. Then quickly move through a demonstration of disintegration testing with a data processing application will be presented and discussed. After the demonstration we will “get our hands dirty” with an interactive exercise with a fun web application starting with a fully integrated product, we can develop some test ideas and try to find and isolate the behavior of the application. Next we will break it apart to dig into the inner workings of the application testing smaller and smaller sections until we find a point where it is easy to isolate and identify the ways that components are misbehaving. We will wrap up with time for questions and suggestions on how to take this with you and use it in real life. Please bring a laptop, tablet or smart-phone so you can follow along with the activities in this session.

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