Software development is mostly not about software development, and our corporate audiences are telling us that in most cases it is only between 10-30% about software development. At least 70% is about learning.

This workshop introduces the concept and application of the Discovery Curves model to help chart your team or your organization’s ability to learn, so you can link it to its ability to deliver. This model can also help frame Agile for your management team and help everyone stop pretending that we can learn by sheer force of planning. A team’s own ability to learn directly supports its ability to deliver.

The session also shares some of the symptoms that might indicate discovery blind spots, as well as some strategies to address them.


1. Warning Sign Wear
2. Knowledge Value
3. Data Congestion
4. Cracks, Gaps & Breaches
5. Talent Detractors
6. Specialist Attrition
7. Not My Problem
8. Historic Success
9. Malicious Cooperation


1. Own the Outcome
2. (Re)Activate Learning
3. Liberate Information
4. Bust the Silos
5. Celebrate Legacy
6. Reward Legacy
7. Redefine Roles
8. Protect Innovation
9. Fix the Milk!

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