If you thought it was difficult bringing the Ops and Dev teams to the same table, let’s talk about security! Often housed in a separate team, security experts have no incentive to ship software, with a mission solely to minimise risk.

This talk is a detailed case study of bringing security into DevOps. We’ll look at the challenges and tactics, from the suboptimal starting point of a highly regulated system with a history of negative media attention. It follows an Agile-aspiring Government IT team from the time when a deployable product was “finished” to when the application was first deployed many months later.

This talk is about humans and systems – in particular how groups often need to flex beyond the bounds of what either side considers reasonable, in order to get a job done. We’ll talk about structural challenges, human challenges, and ultimately how we managed to break through them.

There are no villains – everybody in this story is a hero, working relentlessly through obstacles of structure, time, law, and history. Come hear what finally made the difference, filling in the missing middle of DevSecOps.

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