Before our development and validation teams started sharing a single Kanban board, communication was poor, trust was low, and our validation team was testing code changes that our development team made months, or even a year ago. This experience report presents the story of how a team working on manageability software for Intel’s recently announced 3D XPoint™ software stack learned to bring the validation side in synch with development.

We faced many challenges. We knew the best way to get everyone in synch was to get them all to work together as one team, increasing communication and transparency, something we were not able to do in the years before. I was able to convince powers to allow us to try something new, and then convince a new remote validation team that I had never met, to have faith and also try something new. I guided the team as they worked together to build confidence and comradery even though members were 8 hours apart.

Join me and learn how we were able to ramp up a new validation team quickly and shrink the time between feature creation and testing by having the transparency of the single Kanban board. Discover changes we are still making to get to our goal of having developers and validators working on the same work items at the same time to allow us to deliver a fully tested shippable product at the end of every sprint.

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