Toxic behaviors destroy an organization. Left unaddressed they will fester, causing unhappiness, poor performance, dysfunction, and worse. There are all sorts of impacts at a personal level. There are also real impacts at a business level.

Many of us have been at the receiving end of toxic behavior at some point in our lives. We know the feeling, and we know it sucks. What’s often harder to admit, or recognise, is that sometimes we are also guilty of exhibiting toxic behavior ourselves.

As leaders in our respective organizations (and we can all choose to be leaders regardless of our title) we have a responsibility to set the tone for the organizations and groups that we’re part of. We don’t want to tolerate toxic behavior but how do we even begin to talk about it in a way that doesn’t make the situation worse?

This will be a light, fun, non-threatening workshop session. You will not be asked to reveal anything personal. You will not be put in an uncomfortable position. Everyone will be a participant, but you will decide the level of your participation. You will come away with a language for addressing toxic behavior, and some tools you can use immediately with your teams or groups.

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