Are you a product owner or a member of an Agile team who is struggling with figuring out what is the most valuable product for your customers? Do you wish you could truly solve your customer’s problem and fill a real/actual need for your customers? Are you looking for some frameworks and toolkits above and beyond Scrum and Kanban that can help you get from your product vision down into these valuable items on a product backlog? If you said yes to any of these questions, this is a workshop you won’t want to miss.

Design Thinking is based on the radical notion that everyone can think like a designer. What we need to do is unlock the creative confidence that exists in all of us. Design Thinking can provide a way of thinking and a set of tools that can help product owners rapidly ideate through concepts for new products and features, test these concepts using prototypes and rapidly arrive at an ideal state of problem-solution fit before those ideas are then further elaborated on to product backlogs.

In this highly interactive workshop you will get the opportunity to navigate through the five different Design Thinking Modes as you work together on a team to solve a design challenge.

Participants of this workshop will:
(1) Learn about the 7 key Mindsets of Design Thinking including (Show Don’t Tell, Focus on Human Values, Craft Clarity, Embrace Experimentation, Be Mindful of Process, Bias Towards Action, Radical Collaboration).
(2) Understand the 5 Modes of Design Thinking including (Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test) as part of a group activity.
(3) Apply some of the many Methods of Design Thinking as part of a group activity.
(4) Gain an understanding of how Design thinking Mindsets, Modes and Methods can be applied as part of an overall Agile Product Management framework to help better understand customer problems and how to ideate and validate potential solutions to those customer problems to achieve problem solution fit.

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