Enterprise organizations are increasingly adopting Agile as a way to better focus on adaptive value creation, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement. But how do you as a business leader and change agent know whether you’re getting the most out of your investment or that you continue to improve as an organization? Through a combination of key objective metrics, conscious observation, individual interviews and a third-party, independent assessment instrument, Intel is driving a strategic, data-centric approach to enterprise Agile adoption. In this workshop we will describe what this assessment methodology is and go through several interactive exercises to demonstrate how to use it. We will also provide a detailed case study of how Intel is using this methodology to continuously improve its Agile capabilities. Participants will gain an understanding of how an empirical, data-driven approach to enterprise transformation can lead to uncommon insights and help complement their own continuous improvement programs.

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Jorgen Hesselberg is the author of Unlocking Agility and cofounder of Comparative Agility, a leading agile assessment and continuous improvement platform. A proven thought leader of numerous successful enterprise transformation efforts since 2009, Jorgen provides strategic guidance, executive counsel, and coaching to some of the world’s most respected companies both as an internal change agent and an external consultant. He has trained thousands of people on agile and Scrum, disruptive innovation, and enterprise transformation strategy. Passionate about making the world a better place to work, Jorgen is the former director and an active member of Supporting Agile Adoption, an Agile Alliance program dedicated to supporting those who apply agile principles and practices for agile transformation. Jorgen is a frequent speaker at international industry conferences. He earned his bachelor degree in journalism at the University of Missouri, his MBA at Iowa State University, and an MS in information technology at Northwestern University. He completed postgraduate coursework in finance and disruptive innovation at Harvard Business School.

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